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Friday, February 28, 2014

Brad and Contessa's wedding day ~ second preview...

Love is expressed in so many ways ~ through beautiful bouquets of flowers and gifts.  But real love, the marrying kind of love is so much deeper than gifts and roses.  Real love is the kind that endures when it is hard.  Real love is the kind that holds hands when the hands are no longer smooth, but covered with wrinkles.  Real love is the kind that forgives when hurt and finds joy in the little things.  

Brad and Contessa's beginning of their life together was absolutely beautiful and such a joy to witness.  I loved seeing their love for one another and the happiness that came from joining their lives together.  This day was just the beginning for them of falling more deeply in love every day that goes by.

Brad and Contessa ~
My wish for you both is a life of clinging to one another and trusting God for guidance day by day,
 looking for the joys in the little moments,
and laughing together every single day,
 And when you are old, I hope that you will still hold each others hands.