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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Altoona, Pennsylvania Wedding Photography ~ Fred and Amanda... Preview 2

I love taking pictures and I love weddings - the beautiful dresses, the brilliantly colored bouquets, soft music, and seeing how each and every bride makes her wedding special. 

 But the more weddings I photograph, I am learning that what I love most is the stories that I get witness and in a small way record.

  I love the gentle smiles of the bride as she sees her groom and the looks of absolute joy as her dreams come true.  I love the tears that slip out of the eyes of the nervous groom as he sees the woman he loves coming down the aisle to him.  I love to hear as they share promises to one another and share how they first fell in love.  I love watching the parents still in love sharing in this day with their children.  I love the closeness of sisters and my heart hurts for the pain of the bride not being able to share this day with her father because he is watching from heaven instead.  I love the laughter of friends and watching the dancing.

Amanda and Fred's wedding was a beautiful story and a beautiful day and I was honored to witness the start of this new chapter in their lives.

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